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Ono Hawaiian BBQ New Items Coconuts Press Release

Ono Hawaiian BBQ Launches Refreshing New Coconut Menu Items: Fresh Young Coconut and Coconut Haupia

DIAMOND BAR, Calif. (Jul 21, 2015) – Ono Hawaiian BBQ now offers Fresh Young Coconut and Coconut Haupia at all locations.

Ono Hawaiian BBQ introduces desserts to the menu with Coconut Haupia, which is a traditional Hawaiian coconut pudding drizzled with coconut milk and coconut shreds offered at $1.99 a cup. It is a light and delicious sweet treat, especially great after a Hawaiian plate lunch. The other new item is the Fresh Young Coconut, which is cracked open upon each order. The tropical fruit doubles as a beverage and dessert, because customers may enjoy the fresh hydrating coconut water inside, as well as the natural goodness of the coconut meat. The Fresh Young Coconut is a perfect and healthy add on with every meal at $2.99 each.

“We’re adding the Fresh Young Coconut and Coconut Haupia because they are a special part of traditional Hawaiian Cuisine and we want to offer customers refreshing choices for desserts and beverages,” said Joshua Liang, chief executive officer at Ono Hawaiian BBQ. “Coconuts have plenty of health benefits and offer excellent hydration for these hot summer days.”

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