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Ono Hawaiian BBQ Rings in Its 10th Birthday with Aloha Deal

Ono Hawaiian BBQ spreads its aloha spirit by rolling out its “10 Years of Aloha Celebration” event. The event will feature a limited-time Aloha Deal for just $10 that includes a choice of Ono Hawaiian BBQ’s signature dishes such as Hawaiian BBQ Chicken and Chicken Katsu.

The deal also includes a choice of limited-edition “10 Years of Aloha” memorabilia, such as branded T-shirts, drink tumblers, and caps.

As a token of appreciation to its customers, Ono Hawaiian BBQ also gave away $10 gift cards to the first 100 customers that purchased $10 worth of food and drink at all of its 40 locations throughout California and Arizona.

Since opening its doors on the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Bundy Drive in West Los Angeles on October 17, 2002, Ono Hawaiian BBQ stuck to its core values of serving fresh, homemade Hawaiian fare prepared in house daily and cooked fresh to order in a clean and inviting atmosphere that’s reminiscent of the Hawaiian Islands.

Ono Hawaiian BBQ’s specialty is its plate lunches, which consists of two scoops of rice, one scoop of its famous macaroni salad, and a choice of entree, such as the signature Hawaiian BBQ Chicken, Chicken Katsu, or Kalbi Short Ribs over a bed of steamed cabbage.

Plate lunches, which started out in Hawaii as street fare for immigrants and sailors arriving on the docks of Honolulu, have become the meal of choice in Hawaii. Now, it has also become a favorite for many on the mainland.

The plate lunch is a great representation of Hawaiian culture, which is a melting pot of Hawaiian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and American influences.

“We have worked hard to maintain our core values in each and every one of our locations,” says Joshua Liang, CEO. “Operationally, it’s easier to have the food that is already cooked delivered by a plant, but it’s just never as good as cooking fresh.

“To this day, we still prepare everything fresh from scratch in each and every one of our restaurants, and we cook our food fresh for our customers,” he continues. “That’s why our customers have supported us through the years and enabled us to continue to grow in this economy. We are very thankful for our customers’ support and loyalty.”

Ono Hawaiian BBQ continues to open more locations in California and Arizona.

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