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QSR – Ono Hawaiian BBQ Brings Back Young Coconut

The weather is warming up, which means it's time to grab a refreshing drink and taste the tropical flavors of summer. That’s right–Young Coconuts are making a comeback at Ono Hawaiian BBQ this spring for a limited time only. Enjoy a freshly cut coconut alongside Hawaiian-inspired cuisine such as Chicken Katsu, Kalua Pork, Crispy Shrimp, and more.

“There’s nothing better than enjoying island-style plates with a fresh, young coconut, especially in the hotter temperatures of California and Arizona,” says Joshua Liang, CEO of Ono Hawaiian BBQ. “Coconuts have deep-rooted traditions in Hawaiian culture, and we are excited to share this speciality with our Ono Hawaiian BBQ community.”

Young coconuts are a delicious, refreshing, and protein-rich drink that is all-natural and straight from the tree. Unlike mature coconuts, young coconuts contain a higher water content and a soft, jelly-like meat that is sweet enough to be enjoyed. Be sure to grab a Young Coconut for $3.99 while supplies last in an Ono Hawaiian BBQ near you.

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